Bring The Heat!

I love the evolution of this design!



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Is Bigger Better?!

I think in the case of these terrariums, bigger has more of an impact. Continue reading

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Terrarium Takeover…

Seems like the more I build the more in demand they become! Could be worse things I suppose…Here’s another example of my pergola terrarium design.

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Inspiration In a Small Package!

It seems like these tiny terrariums are gaining in popularity and popping up everywhere. Seeing one after another of these creative ideas, I was inspired to come up with something of my own. Continue reading

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Digestive Issue Leads to Hidden Waterfall Utopia?!

Well I wasn’t really happy when I had to go see a specialist, but the surprise water feature I found really brightened my day. The Skypark Medical Center, in Torrance, boast a wonderful series of streams and waterfalls. Continue reading

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